AAVIX AGT1420 87CC Gas Powered Snow Thrower Review
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11 Mar AAVIX AGT1420

AAVIX Single-Stage Snow Blower with Recoil Start

You have to be careful when you’re purchasing something like a snowblower – there are a ton of options out there, so when I first started looking for one I was simply blown away by the choice. But there are also a lot of mediocre machines out there, so you have to really do your homework if you don’t want to be disappointed. I’m interested in a machine that won’t break the bank but will still get the job done. That’s not as easy as you might hope, as snowblowers are notoriously expensive.

When I came across the AAVIX AGT1420 Gas 87cc Powered Single-Stage Snow Thrower I was cautiously optimistic that I might have found a nice compromise between affordability and actual snow-throwing capability. This machine typically retails for under $500 so it definitely ticks the box in the affordability category. And it is gas-powered, so I was hopeful that it had the power to get the job done.

Some Decent Power Potential

This machine by AAVIX is powered by an 87cc 4-stroke engine, which isn’t the largest engine but is not too small either. It’s more than enough power to clear the average driveway after a moderate snowfall, but it’s not likely to get the job done if you live in an area with heavy or wet snow. That type of snow requires a heavy-duty machine that will probably cost you a lot more money than this model. If, on the other hand, you live in an area with the light, fluffy type of snow, this machine will probably do a decent job.

Snow Be Gone

If you’ve ever seen one of the small electric snow shovels in action you’ll know that these little machines only clear about a six-inch path at a time. Unless you’ve got a very small driveway it’s going to take you a long time to complete the job. Fortunately, the AGT1420 snowblower is a little more powerful. This machine is capable of clearing a 20-inch wide path every time it makes a pass over your driveway. There are certainly machines that will clear a wider path, but for an affordable machine like this, that’s not too bad.

It’s All down Slope from Here

Pardon the skiing themed pun, but it seemed appropriate in this case. Other than the fact that this snowblower is certainly more powerful than some of the bare-bones electric snow shovels on the market, it doesn’t really have a lot going for it. It won’t handle heavy wet snow without getting clogged up, and you won’t get a lot of traction with this machine either. The wheels are 7 inches on both front and back, but they have virtually no tread at all – in fact, my lawnmower has wheels with more traction than this machine. When you add in the fact that it has an unreliable recoil start, you start to see the problems add up.

Manual Chute

On the positive side, you can turn this snowblower’s chute to direct snow in different directions; however, there is no crank to do the adjustment for you. Every time you want to move the chute you’re going to have to stop the machine and turn it with your hands – it’s quite a painful process. If I’m going to lay out $500 or more of my hard-earned money I’d expect at least a few little extras, but they seem to be missing with this machine.

Production Problems

One consistent complaint made by consumers that have purchased this AAVIX product is that the parts don’t seem to line up properly. In many cases, once people brought this machine home and started it up they noticed a bit of a burning smell. As it turns out this was caused by the fact that the blades don’t line up properly and tend to rub against the side of the machine’s housing. I realize this isn’t the most expensive machine, but you’d expect it to give you a little bit of use before you ran into issues like this. I definitely wasn’t impressed to hear that this happened right out of the box.

Where’s the Warranty?

What really scared me about this snowblower was that they don’t seem to mention the warranty at all. There may be one – it just isn’t something that the manufacturer apparently feels is important. I found this very strange as it seems like such an obvious requirement for a piece of machinery costing $500 or more. You can purchase a warranty directly from Amazon for under $25, but you would think that this is something that the manufacture would include themselves – this lack was more than a little disappointing.

Not for My Driveway

While this AAVIX gas-powered snow thrower may be attractive because of its price, it doesn’t really have a lot else going for it. There are too many potential issues with this machine to take a chance on it. You don’t expect an affordable snowblower to be perfect, but you do expect it to do a decent job without any mechanical problems in the first few months of operation. Unfortunately, it seems that too many people have had problems with this machine right out of the box. There are people that seem to be okay with it, but I wouldn’t recommend taking the chance.

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