About Us
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About Us

A couple of winters ago I began to think long and hard about the constant pounding my back was taking every time there was a big snowfall. I’d always considered shoveling my driveway to be a great workout so I didn’t see any reason to get a snowblower. I was perfectly happy with my tried-and-true wooden-handled snow shovel with a plastic scoop. The great thing about one of these things was that I didn’t have to worry about any mechanical issues as all the mechanics were in my back, and I didn’t have to worry about whether or not I could afford one as I could pick up a replacement any time for under $20.

A combination of age and more constraints on my time have made me rethink this philosophy in recent years. Quite frankly, my back’s had just about enough of shoveling my way out of the driveway after every snowstorm. I’m still in pretty good shape, but I’ve just reached that age where I’d rather get my workout on my home treadmill or in the gym. So this year I’ve decided to take the plunge and purchase a snowblower. It seemed like a simple enough task when I set out, but as it turned out the decision was far from simple. There are lots to choose from including electric snow shovels, electric snowblowers, and gas-powered snowblowers of all shapes and sizes.

I wasn’t sure if a simple electric snow shovel was adequate for my needs as I live in a fairly northern climate, but I wasn’t sure that I wanted to splash out a huge amount of money on a high-end snowblower either. With this mindset in place, I decided it would be best to do my homework before making any final decision. In the process I’ve looked at every type of electric and gas-powered snow removal option on the market. I decided I’d share my newfound knowledge, and this site is the product of my personal research. I’ve reviewed many of the most popular snowblowers on the market and provided you with a detailed breakdown of my thoughts on each one. Hopefully you’ll find these articles helpful in finding the right machine for your own snow removal needs.

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