Ariens 921024 Deluxe 254cc 2-Stage Snow Blower Review
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13 Mar Ariens 921024

Ariens Deluxe Snow Thrower with Electric Start

The Ariens 921024 snowblower is an impressive machine that’s built for one thing, and that’s clearing a lot of snow. Like a lot of guys I love power, and this machine has it in spades. It’s definitely an upper-echelon snowblower that has a reputation to match. Almost anybody that owns, or has owned, one of these machines is completely satisfied with its snow-clearing ability. I’ll freely admit I haven’t tried it myself, but I like to do my research and everything I hear about this machine is absolutely positive.

Be prepared to pay a bit for this machine though, as you won’t be able to find this model for less than $1000, and it will more likely be closer to $1500. That’s certainly quite an investment, but it’s not outrageous by any means. This is an industrial-quality machine that’s not only great for the average homeowner; if you’ve got a snow removal business this snowblower will work great for that as well. I’m not about to start a snow removal business myself, but it’s good to know I have the option to do so if that was something that appealed to me.

How Much Power?

This deluxe model snowblower has more than enough power to handle the biggest snowfalls. It comes standard with a 254 cc 24-in. two-stage engine that’s durable and built to last. That kind of engine power makes it easy to shift through this machine’s 6 forward gears and 2 reverse gears for ease of maneuverability. Most customers rave about the way it cuts through the deepest of snowdrifts; many suggest it can throw the snow as much as 50 feet out of your way. The manufacturer’s specs suggest it can definitely throw snow at least 30 feet, but if this is true that’s a big bonus. You’ll want to be careful though, because if you throw the snow too far you just might have a bit of a problem with the neighbors.

Ease of Movement

It’s not only the engine’s power that helps this Ariens snow blower move through deep snow with very little trouble, it’s also the great set of tires on the machine. These tires have a huge wheelbase and a thick tread on them that will not only grip snow, but will do just as good a job gripping onto the icy patches on your driveway as well. It’s a big machine, so you will have to put your back into it a little bit, but it’s still much easier than using a manual shovel and a lot quicker too.

It’s also pretty easy to start with its built-in electric start, although if this fails on you it does have a pull rope as a backup. It’s nice to have that as a backup, but I’m glad it’s not the primary starting method. There’s nothing I hate worse than pulling on the cord to start my lawn mower, so that was a big attraction of this machine for me.

Endurance and Low Maintenance

I’ve always viewed a good piece of yard equipment as a sound investment and a snowblower is no exception. I don’t mind paying a little extra in the short-term to save a lot of money in the long-term. That’s really the way you’ve got to look at things with a snowblower, as they’re definitely not cheap. I’ve had friends try some cheaper model snowblowers and every single one of them has been very disappointed with their purchase. So I’m going to hold out for something like this machine, with just a little better quality.
There are a couple of other features about this machine that bear mentioning. Customers that have used this snowblower on a consistent basis assert that one tank of gas will easily last you a couple of hours, making it capable of clearing the biggest driveways on one tank. It’s also made of top quality parts, including a 14-inch steel auger that will almost never get bogged down in heavy wet snow.

Some Concerns

There aren’t too many snowblowers that you’d consider absolutely perfect, and this Ariens model isn’t either. It is quite heavy at well over 200 pounds, so it’s not easy to maneuver, but it’s still better than using your snow shovel. There are also some customers that have complained that it’s inconsistent in its performance, although these seem to be the minority. These customers claim that it doesn’t always start when you want to use it, which if true would be highly disappointing for such an expensive model. Fortunately, the manufacturer seems to back its product quite well and the vast majority of customers seem satisfied.

The Verdict

While the one or two negative comments about this machine’s reliability are a reason for concern, the overwhelming positive feedback that this machine has received is likely a better indication of this snowblower’s capabilities. The Ariens 921024 is without a doubt a deluxe model snowblower that’s built to handle some of the roughest conditions. This machine isn’t just for the light fluffy stuff; it will cut through the wet and heavy stuff as well. The price is a little on the high side, but I think when you purchase something like a snowblower you’re better off saving up for a little while and buying a good one like this.

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