Black & Decker LCSB2140 Battery Snow Thrower Review
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13 Mar Black & Decker LCSB2140

Black & Decker Cordless 40V Lithium Snow Blower

Even though I want to keep the price down on any snow thrower I purchase, I’ve been hesitant to consider an electric model due to that annoying cord that gets in the way. I remember cutting my parent’s lawn more than 20 years ago with an electric lawn mower and how much the attached cord drove me insane, so I’m not in a rush to walk down memory lane by purchasing a snow thrower that has an electrical umbilical cord attached to it.

Cut the Cord

A big selling feature of this snow thrower is that it really does give you the freedom of cordless operation that you’d have if you owned a gas-powered model, but you don’t have to use any gas at all. This machine is powered by two lithium ion batteries that you recharge simply by plugging them into the wall. There are plenty of electric-model snowblowers on the market but there aren’t very many that are cordless. I’d be lying if I said this concept didn’t capture my imagination. In fact, I’d been beginning to wonder why there wasn’t such a model on the market.

Snow Removal at a Glance

While it’s nice that this Black & Decker snow thrower runs on battery power, the bigger consideration is what can you do with that battery power. Well, as it turns out it can do a pretty decent job of clearing a path through your snow-covered driveway. This machine is capable of clearing a 21-inch wide path and throwing the snow up to 20 feet, but it’s not designed to handle deep snow. If you live in an area where the average snowfall during a storm is less than 6 inches you’ll probably be just fine with this model, but if you generally expect a lot more than that in your area this machine is probably not the best option. Most customers claim it tends to get bogged down and stall out once you get into higher accumulations.

A Great Travel Companion

This lithium-powered Black & Decker snow remover is also a lot more convenient as a travel companion than some of the more expensive models. No, I’m not talking about taking your snow thrower on vacation – what I’m referring to is the ability to easily lift this machine and take it wherever you like. It’s only 46 pounds, so most people can lift it pretty easily; that makes it a good choice if you’re in the habit of using it at different locations. The handle is also foldable, which makes it even easier to fit the machine into smaller areas such as your trunk.

Other Great Features

Like most other electric models this machine features an easy pushbutton start that’s considerably less challenging to use than gas-powered machines with pull-cord starters. It also has a fully-functioning, adjustable chute which can be turned up to 180 degrees, although this is a manual function. The other great advantage of an electric snow thrower is that it’s extremely quiet. You don’t have to worry about waking up your wife with the snowblower at 6 AM, as she is unlikely to hear a thing if you’re using this model.

Surprise, Surprise – It Has Some Issues

The biggest complaint for most people that own one of these lithium-charged snow throwers by Black & Decker is that the charge doesn’t last long. If you’ve got a big driveway it would be very frustrating to have to stop halfway through to charge your machine’s battery. The other thing that tends to kill this battery fairly quickly is using it in heavy snow. As we mentioned above, it’s good for up to 6 inches of snow, but if you try to use it in anything more than that, the battery will drain very quickly.

This all but rules out this machine for me, as I live in an area where you can expect at least two or three snowfalls a year that are in excess of a foot or two. Sure, there are a lot of other minor snowfalls during the winter, but I’m more concerned about these bigger ones. If every snowfall was only an inch or so I probably wouldn’t even be that bothered with buying a snow thrower in the first place. So it’s is a big concern that this machine is virtually useless in the type of storm that I would need it for the most.

Not Enough Power

I do love the idea of a cordless snow thrower that doesn’t require gasoline, but this machine simply doesn’t have enough power to do the job for me. It’s a great idea; it’s just not ready for prime time yet. If they can improve the battery life and make it a little more reliable when deeper snowfalls arrive at my door, I’d definitely be willing to give it a try.

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