Poulan Pro 21-Inch Gas Snow Thrower Review (961820015)
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13 Mar Poulan Pro 961820015

Poulan Pro 136cc 21-Inch Snow Thrower

The Poulan Pro 961820015 is a gas-powered model, but not the most powerful one on the market. Still, it is a capable little machine that will do the job adequately.

A Single-Stage Compromise

In order to keep this machine as compact as possible the manufacturer opted for a single-stage set up. What does this mean? Well, essentially, the auger not only captures the snow but it also powers it up through the chute – the whole operation happens in one single stage. This is a simple setup that eliminates the need for extra blades, which in turn makes it possible for the machine to be much more compact. As a result, this machine weighs in at only 85 pounds, making it much easier to lift than some of the other gas-powered models.

You might think that using only one blade for the entire operation would limit the throwing capability of the auger and chute, but surprisingly this is not really the case. This machine is capable of throwing snow up to 35 feet in the direction that the chute is pointing. That’s not too bad at all for a single-stage machine.

Don’t Forget the Manual Chute

A big advantage that a snowthrower has over an electric shovel is that they come with an adjustable chute; this model by Poulan is no different. It has a chute that can be rotated up to 180 degrees; it can be easily adjusted to throw the snow either to the left or right of the machine, depending on what makes the most sense at the time. Other machines do have automatic chutes, but the chute on this one is adjusted manually; this is done through the use of a simple handle which is attached to the unit.

How Does It Do with Major Snowfalls?

Even the simplest electric snow shovels can generally handle one or two inches of snow, but the bigger question for any machine is how it handles a real dumping. Well, as it turns out this machine is designed to handle 6 inches of snowfall easily, but many customers have used it in as much as a foot of snow with no problem. Where you live you may experience more snow than this during one storm, but this is the exception and not the rule. This snowblower’s clearing power is more than adequate for most circumstances.

Design and Warranty

The Poulan Pro 961820015 features a 4-cycle engine, which in my opinion really is the best design for a gas-powered snowblower. The difference between a 4-cycle engine and a 2-cycle engine is that a 4-cycle engine does not require you to mix the gasoline and oil together. Yes, with this type of engine you will have to do oil changes from time to time, but overall it’s a much more convenient design. Unless you’re a chemist and really enjoy mixing different chemical compounds together, you’ll probably be thankful for the 4-cycle engine design.

The warranty on this machine is two years, which is pretty standard for snow throwers. With generally positive reviews even after a few years of use, it seems that this warranty is adequate. In a perfect world all warranties would be 10 years or more, but in our throwaway society this is getting less and less common; two years has become pretty much the standard.

Not Everyone’s in Love with It

While the reviews for this single-stage snow thrower are for the most part positive, there are a few customers that haven’t had the best experience with this model. The most common complaint that I came across was that the machine tends to struggle in tough snow conditions such as heavy and wet snowfalls. This is not surprising due to its single-stage design, which relies on one auger to do all of the work of the machine.

Other complaints about this machine include suggestions that it tends to idle a little rough from time to time, which may cause it to stall. It also has small 7-inch tires, which don’t have the best traction in heavy snowfalls – also a little frustrating.

One to Consider

This Poulan brand snow thrower does have some issues, but overall it’s a pretty decent machine. It’s available at a great price and it works well under most reasonable conditions. The single-stage design is not perfect and it does concern me a little bit, but it does allow for a more compact design, which is something that is important to me. Overall, this machine is definitely one to consider.

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