13 Mar Power Smart DB7651

Power Smart 208cc Two-Stage Snow Thrower

The Power Smart DB7651 is a powerful snow thrower that’s built to handle the toughest winters. There simply isn’t any substitute for the power of a gas engine, and with 208cc backing this machine up, it can handle just about anything you throw at it. I’ve looked at quite a few environmentally friendly electric options, but I keep coming back to the power and reliability of a gas-powered snow thrower such as this one. There may come a day when electric models can challenge the supremacy of gas-powered machines, but that day hasn’t arrived yet.

Max Coverage

One thing that I’ve always found a little annoying about using a manual snow shovel is that you generally have to go back over the same area more than once. That’s because the snow tends to get partially pushed back onto the driveway – there’s nothing worse than having to repeat your actions! With a gas-powered electric snow thrower such as this one, that isn’t a concern. This model cuts a 24-inch-wide path and has a 21-inch intake to handle some of the biggest accumulations of snow you can expect in the winter. On top of that, it’s capable of throwing the snow at least 30 to 40 feet out of your way so you don’t have to worry about going over the same stuff twice.

Sturdy and Powerful

There are a lot of snow throwers that look cheaply-made and for the most part these types of machines live up to their expectations, which simply aren’t very high. The DB7651 is not one of these; this piece of snow removal equipment is made almost completely out of metal and is designed to stand up to some harsh treatment. There is no doubt that there are some strong plastic materials out there, but in a plastic age there’s something reassuring about a machine that’s still made out of metal. It may be just a perception, but I don’t think so.

Encasing a poorly-designed engine in such a sturdy package doesn’t make much sense and, fortunately, the designers of this Power Smart model didn’t take shortcuts on the engine either. With a powerful 208cc engine this machine is built to stand up to the test of a challenging winter. It’s a package that seems to appeal to the majority of people that have purchased this machine.

All the World’s a Stage

Plowing through snow can be tough work for any machine; how a snow thrower is designed will have a lot to do with how it handles this test. Single-stage snow throwers are okay, but they tend to be a little overwhelmed in the biggest storms. This machine utilizes a two-staged approach to snow removal, making it much more capable of surviving a harsh winter unscathed. Essentially, it has two sets of blades – the auger which pulls the snow into the machine, and another set of blades which pushes the snow through the chute. This type of design avoids overworking either set of blades.

Starter’s Choice

An electric start is a nice luxury to have and this gas-powered model does come equipped with one. I can’t speak for anybody else, but I much prefer to start my snowblower with the push of a button rather than pulling on a cord. Unfortunately, sometimes these electric starts can be a little unreliable and the designers of this model have recognized that fact; it also includes a pull cord option for when the electric start fails you. It’s nice to have a backup.

That Deflating Feeling

While most buyers of this product have been pretty satisfied with their purchase, there are a few customers that have complained about some issues. On a couple of occasions customers have complained that the belts tend to fall off during use. These appear to be isolated incidents though, as most people use this machine without facing this problem. What does seem to happen far more frequently is that the tires have a tendency to deflate during use. This may be a seal problem but it’s certainly something to be concerned about; this machine weighs about 180 pounds, so you’re not going to go very far if the wheels aren’t inflated properly.

It Makes the Shortlist

The deflating tire problem is certainly something to be concerned about, but it hasn’t happened to enough customers to consider it a common problem. When you consider the overall package offered with this machine against the potential for issues, I’d probably be willing to give it a shot myself. The issues that people have run into don’t seem to be insurmountable, for the most part, and it is a powerful machine that seems to do well in a snowstorm.

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