Remington RM3060 357cc Two-Stage Snow Thrower Review
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14 Mar Remington RM3060

Remington 30-inch Self-Propelled Snow Thrower

There are snowblowers and then there are snow removal beasts; the Remington RM3060 Snow Thrower is without a doubt a beast. This machine is built to clear snow in just about any weather imaginable, and it does it with style. If you’re looking for affordability this is probably not the machine for you, but if you’re more interested in sheer power, then this snow thrower is just what you’re looking for.

While you may have doubts about the snow clearing ability of some of the cheaper products on the market, there should be no doubts with this machine. This type of snow clearing capability doesn’t come cheaply, though, but it is potentially a great investment if you live in an environment where the snow never seems to stop in winter.

Engine Power Means Clearing Power

This snow thrower by Remington is one of the most powerful machines on the market; with a Powermore 357 cc OHV 4-cycle gas-powered engine there aren’t very many snowstorms that will slow this machine down. When you see the size of the blade on this thing you’ll know why you need that much power, as it’s able to clear a 30-inch wide path that’s 21 inches deep on each pass. For some smaller machines, that would take you up to three passes – that’s some pretty impressive snow-clearing capability. It also has a remote cranked chute with full rotation so that you can direct the snow in any direction you like.

The Extra Perks

One thing that’s a bit of a pain when using a traditional manual shovel in the evening is that you just can’t see where you’re going. That’s not a worry with the RM3060, as it comes fully-equipped with powerful headlights to light your way. Headlights aren’t unique to this machine, as many of the better gas-powered models have them, but one thing that does set this machine apart is that it also comes with an electric start – that makes it a heck of a lot easier to start than the alternative of yanking on a cord trying to get it going.

Keep on Rolling

I was outside the other night watching my neighbor use his older model snowmobile and I was doing my best not to laugh at his misfortune, as he was having a really tough time getting any traction. That’s another thing you don’t have to worry about with this snow thrower, as it comes with large 16-inch X-Trac tires that can grip on just about any surface. Don’t worry, I did give him a hand getting his snowblower out of a rut – I’m not completely merciless!

Great tires aren’t the only thing that keeps this big machine moving forward; it comes with six different self-propelled gears that make pushing it around just a little bit easier. Of course, sometimes you have to go backwards, and this snowblower also has two reverse gears to help you with that.

Not Happy about the Warranty

What did surprise me about this machine was the length of its warranty. If I’m going to pay in excess of $1000 for a snowblower I would expect at least a five-year warranty, if not more. Unfortunately, this machine only has a two-year warranty, which I found to be completely inadequate. You would expect that the manufacturer of such a high-end machine would backup its product with a decent warranty, but that just wasn’t the case here.

This Thing Is Big

In many instances bigger is better and the size of this machine does enable it to clear a lot of snow in a short period of time, but a machine of this size also has its drawbacks. It’s too big for easy storage as it weighs in at over 240 pounds, so you won’t be storing it on an upper shelf in your garage. You’ll need to set aside a nice, large storage area on the floor of your garage.

Another issue with such a large snowblower is that it isn’t really practical for use on your front steps or your patio, which means you’ll have to buy a smaller electric snow shovel or stick to your good old-fashioned manual snow shovel to clear these areas. This machine is built strictly to help you clear away the snow from your driveway and your walkways.

Close, but Not Quite

Let me be clear, the Remington RM3060 357 is a fantastic snow removal machine. If you purchase one of these you won’t have any issues in a snow storm no matter how deep the snow gets. Having said that, I’m not convinced it’s the machine for me because of its poor warranty. In my opinion, two years just isn’t enough of a guarantee when I’m spending more than $1000 on a snowblower. It makes me wonder how confident the manufacturer really is in its machine, if it’s not willing to offer a better warranty. For now, I think I’ll keep looking.

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