Snow Joe SJ621

14 Mar Snow Joe SJ621

Snow Joe 13.5 AMP Electric Snow Blower with Headlight

When it comes to digging out after a snowstorm I generally prepare myself for a little back pain. It’s hard work digging through a foot of snow, but I always found gas-powered snowblowers just a little bit too pricey to justify the expense. I’ve seen powered snow shovels before, but I was extremely skeptical about such machines, as they don’t look very substantial.

I’d never seen an actual electric snowblower before, so I was definitely intrigued when I came across one for the first time. I’m still a little skeptical, but after looking into these machines it seems like they are quite capable, and the price is definitely right. The Snow Joe SJ621 Electric Snow Blower retails for $200 or so – you won’t find any gas-powered machines for that kind of money.

Snow Throwing Capability

Probably one of the biggest tests of the snowblower’s usefulness is how well it does at cutting through snow. This machine can easily cut through 10 to 12 inches of snowfall and many users claim to have used it in much deeper snow. You probably don’t want to use it if the snow’s had time to crust over and freeze, but it does a great job cutting through fresh snow – all the more incentive to get out right away after a snowfall. If you’re like me you might tend to procrastinate once in a while, but if I can find myself a machine that clears snow with ease I’m willing to get out right after a snowfall and get to work!

A Blade That’s Meant to Last

One of the reasons that I’ve always been a little leery with electric snow clearing equipment is that I have this perception that anything made of plastic is cheap. However, the great thing about plastic is that it won’t rust like metal and, with advancements in technology, plastic can actually be produced that’s almost as strong as metal. You’d still want the most important parts to be made from steel, and with this machine you get the best of both worlds – a strong lightweight plastic housing and a four-blade steel rotor that’s built to last you a long time.

Snow Clearing Power

Not only does this machine hold up well against the elements, it’s also built to move a lot of snow in a short period of time. It’s capable of clearing up to 650 pounds of snow per minute and it cuts a path that’s 18 inches wide. If you’ve got a medium-size driveway like mine you can deal with a decent-sized snowfall in a matter of minutes. That’s a big improvement from what I’m used to with my trusty old plastic and wooden snow shovel.

Light Weight and Maneuverable

Another great feature of this Snow Joe electric snowblower is that it’s extremely lightweight and easy to maneuver. This machine only weighs in at 33 pounds, making it easy to move around, unlike the bulky gas-powered machines many of us are used to. The other great thing about such a lightweight machine is that you can easily throw it in the trunk for transport. For me this is a great idea, as I could easily take it around to my parents’ house to clear their driveway as well. Its lightweight design is also much better for your back.

Low Maintenance

If you own a gas-powered snowblower you’re well aware of all the maintenance you have to do on these machines every year, but that’s not an issue with the Snow Joe 621. As this machine doesn’t have a gas-powered engine, you don’t have to worry about turning it off and you don’t have to worry about oil changes at all. I don’t mind admitting that I’m not the best at maintaining the health of my lawnmower, so it would be nice to know that I don’t have to worry about the same kind of issues with my snowblower. This is a big selling feature for me.

It May Be a Great Machine, but It’s Not Perfect

An electric snowblower like this does have one major drawback. It isn’t a cordless product, so to use it you’ll need a heavy-duty, outdoor electric cord that’s long enough to cover your entire driveway. That’s not a major issue in itself, but the problem lies in having to work around the cord. If you’re not careful you can easily cut through it if you allow it to get in the way of the blades. I would imagine that this would take some getting used to, although it’s not the end of the world by any means.

I Could Handle One of These

When I began this review I admitted that I was a little skeptical about the idea of an electric snowblower, but after doing a little homework I have to say I’m convinced. Yes, the cord is a bit of a hassle, but it’s not enough of a problem to put me off this machine entirely. It does a good job of clearing substantial amounts of snow, it’s really durable and it even comes with a headlight, a big plus in winters with short daylight hours. When you combine all this with its great price, it’s actually quite an appealing proposition. I think I may just have to look into the purchase of a Snow Joe SJ621 18” Electric Snow Thrower.

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