14 Mar Troy-Bilt Squall 2100

Troy-Bilt 208cc Snow Blower with Pushbutton Start

Sometimes it’s hard to find the right combination of affordability and power in a snow blower, but Troy-Bilt seems to have accomplished it with their 2100 208cc model. This machine does a great job of clearing snow from your driveway and it does it at a price that’s not out of reach for most people. I myself am looking for a great snow thrower with exactly these qualities, so I was excited to find this model available online. With winter in full force my back’s already had enough of the old-fashioned shovel.

How affordable is this model? You can easily find this one for well under $600, which is quite reasonable for a gas-powered snowblower. Of course you don’t want to buy a snow clearing machine simply because it fits into your budget – it’s got to be able to do the job as well – but this one seems to have generally favorable reviews.

Electric Pushbutton Start

Perhaps one of the biggest selling features for me with this model was that it comes with an electric pushbutton start – after spending years using a recoil-start lawnmower I’m definitely interested in the pushbutton start. For one thing, when they work they tend to be more reliable, and of course they’re much easier on the body. Most customers seem to be pretty happy with this feature on the Troy-Bilt 2100, suggesting that it usually starts on the first try. Knowing you’re buying a machine that starts reliably every time is certainly a great place to begin.

Surprising Power

For a machine that’s well under $1000 this snowblower packs a surprising amount of punch. With its 208cc engine it will handle most snowfalls that Mother Nature throws your way. It’s a four-cycle model that’s built to handle winter’s worst. It’s not self-propelled, but that’s not a major issue for most people as it’s really no different than pushing your lawnmower around, and most of us don’t have self-propelled lawnmowers.

Throwing Snow

I remember as a little boy partaking in my first snowball fight – what a rush! There’s something about playing in the snow that exhilarates us, and that feeling doesn’t dissipate as we grow older. We just have bigger toys that let us throw snow even further. That’s definitely the case with this Troy-Bilt snowblower, as it’s capable of blasting the snow from your driveway more than 30 feet in any direction. Each pass cuts a 21-inch wide path and the machine is capable of handling snow drifts up to 13 inches at a time. You can always cut down bigger piles of snow, but you’ll probably have to make more than one pass.

Turn That Chute

The snow won’t go where you want it to without a movable chute; fortunately, this snowblower comes with a remote control chute that’s capable of rotating up to 190 degrees. That makes it easy for you to redirect the snow in whatever direction you’d like it to go. It’s pretty impressive; you’ll just want to be careful you don’t bury the kids or the dog with it! Although I will say I saw the neighbor’s kids having a lot of fun with the snow being blown at them from 30 feet away with their dad’s snowblower, so maybe we’ll give that a try as well.

Backed by Warranty

The other thing that attracted me to this snow thrower model was the decent warranty. It comes with a full manufacturer’s two-year warranty, which isn’t bad for such an affordable model, although of course 10 years would’ve been better! The only worrying thing about this is that one or two customers have complained about this machine quitting after the third or fourth year, which, if it happened to you, would leave you high and dry with the warranty already having run out.

Not Light As a Feather, but Not Bad

Many of the best snowblowers are quite heavy, which makes them difficult to maneuver unless they’re self-propelled, and it also makes them somewhat awkward to store. This model weighs in at less than 90 pounds, which makes it manageable for most people. It’s still heavy enough to give you a good workout if you want to try and store it on the upper shelf of your garage, but if you’re just lifting it up a couple of steps that’s quite doable.

When the Wheels Fall off

My biggest worry about this machine is the potential for the wheels to fall off – I mean that quite literally. More than one customer has complained that the wheels on the Squall 2100 have a tendency to fall off after very little use. In most instances this is blamed on the poorly designed axles that simply don’t hold the wheels on very well. This is a huge concern for me, especially as it’s a complaint made by multiple customers. Generally, you can dismiss the complaints of one person as an anomaly, but it’s much more difficult to do so when there’s more than one voice saying the same thing.

I’m a Little Hesitant

When I first saw the Troy-Bilt Squall 2100’s price tag I was certainly interested, and the machine’s specs appeared to be exactly what I was looking for as well. It does have some great reviews, but unfortunately I was really scared off by the issues with the wheels on this machine. Even if everything else works perfectly, if you can’t keep the wheels on a snowblower it’s not of much use. That, to me, seems like a deal breaker.

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